Realtor Safety, are Open Houses Safe?

Monday Feb 08th, 2021


40 years I started selling real estate, 90% of my business is return and referrals. Let's think about Open houses. I use a buddy system, keep doors locked and show 1 family at a time. Once I opened the door 2 scruffy men in mid fifties walked in, we were face to face inside. I stayed calm and friendly. We got to the kitchen, they gave each other a very weird look because they saw my client busy on his iPad. Total silence, they turned and left. Something was strange, uncomfortable and totally wrong. They left, I called Police, found out they were “Wanted Suspects” #abusers #suspects #criminals
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The largest problem with Real Estate when it comes to safety is the fact that you have to depend on your instincts, experience and professionalism.  If something feels strange, chances are it is.  We as Realtors have ways to check the credibility of a potentials Clients Story.  We have our fingers on the pulse and our finger tips complete access to all real estate information, ownership, legal descriptions etc.  What we don't have is information about the Stranger contacting us.  That is where we need to ensure safety not only for us as the Realtor but also for the various Owners of the homes we show.  The last thing they need or want is any type of situation happening in their home. 

1) If someone says they have just sold their house and want to see your Listing, then the next step is to check the sale information.  In cases like this it is customary for the Client to use the same agent that listed and sold their house to then assist their Clients to purchase.  So why is this person contacting you? 

2) If your listing is a VACANT property, no Agent should show that property to a Stranger without having someone else with them.  Realtors cannot close a deal in the driveway or inside the house with someone they just met.   If you are meeting that someone for the first time, meet them at the office and go through a thorough discussion before you take next steps

3) Pre-qualification for mortgages, working with Buyers is the key.  Why show them property if they still have not met with their Banks.  How would you know if they have or havent if you don't really know them.   It may be time to obtain personal information from the potential Client and not just a disposable phone number.  

Real estate is a business and it is one of the largest single investments for most people.  Safety comes first...  So many things can happen if professional steps are not taken.

Simple FOOD for thought ?

I saw an article in the Real Estate Magazine and I will share the link.

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