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Athletes, celebrities, executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, investors and the various professional sports agents, legal advisors and financial advisors prefer to work with the Group who understands both sides of the game.  The game being a Group who has personal professional experience and who has lived the demanding game of public exposure, mental and physical strength, the ability to dig deep for the results needed to ensure that next contract.   We represent the elite group who must use their money wisely, invest to increase their wealthy so that once they have any type of lifestyle change, they can depend on the strength of their wealthy and notoriety.   Working with Realtors in more than 85 markets across the Canada, United States, Europe and around the World?

EHC Red Bull Munich Hockey

Germany Tallest Mountain - Zugspitze

Germany DEL

Zugspitze is Germany's tallest mountain.  Can you imagine it is 3,000 metres, almost 5 1/2 times higher than the CN Tower at 553.33 Metres. 

Eight Pro Hockey Players from the EHC Red Bull Munich Hockey Club played a breathtaking ice hockey game, impressively staged with state-of-the-art high performance lighting technology from Osram's innovative textile solutions.  

Osram textile illumination EHC Red Bull Munschen @Zugspitze

The making of this video required 5km of cables, 99 meters of Flexible Led Stripes and 20 tons of material.  It also needed more than 100m waveguides which guide waves or sounds with minimal loss of energy by restriction the transmittion of energy in one direction.  

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