Condo Owners Wake Up and Speak Out!

Unregulated Air BnB, Short Term Rentals, Non Owners/Non Residents hijacking Condo Buildings to control Board of Directors. Property Management companies soliciting Buildings during the contract period of another Property Management company! The problems are mounting, Condo Owners Wake up and Speak out! It's bad out there! Linda Pinizzotto an Award Winning Realtor explains the benefits and problems with condos as a Special Guest Speaker on That Channel TV. She created the Condo Owners Association which is a non profit Association to represent and advocate for consumers rights of Condo Owners. .

BnB Short Term Rentals & The Condo Act

Why were some legislations, like Air Bnb and short term Rentals sadly missed? Behind the scenes of the Condo Act Review. As the Founder and President of the COA it was a hard challenge to push for legislative changes. Our reports including a warning about "BnB short term rentals, but they were ignored along with other important changes. We did succeed in advocating licensing of Property Management companies and Managers and the creation of a Condo Owner Protection Act among other changes. Live from "That Channel"

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