Linda Pinizzotto Real Estate Group has designed this Outreach Program to work and help our Port Credit Business Partners.  We have over 600 members who equally contribute a membership fee towards the Port Credit BIA through their City of Mississauga.  The BIA also receives several grants and additional monies to arrive at a yearly budget of well over  $1Million Dollars.   We need your thoughts, comments and suggestions on how to make PC better and capitalize on these funds for ALL of Port Credit   .... let's work together 

Please complete the form below so your Port Credit Business is added to our list.  We have over 320 contact details already on our list of Associates. Let's bring more Patrons, excitement and allow our businesses to grow together.  

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What is the BIA -  it was created to promote local areas and all businesses for local community members lead by Ontario's Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.  Ontario Business Improvement Area Association (OBIAA) was established to support the Local BIA's  through funding, services, ancillary resources and initiatives.  OBIAA is located right here in Port Credit. 

EACH BIA must promote ALL businesses within the full perimeter of the area utilizing a marketing campaigns not specific to a single space. Capitalize on various forms of media. Social engagement and population reach with business interaction.    Each BIA must invest in the pubic realm and support the surroundings and the businesses by drawing visitors to make it a vibrant and social environment.

Quote from Video 

"Ontario is fueled by dedicated entrepreneurs merchants and small business owners who serve their communities and who take interest in helping them thrive.   What is a common thread that ties these areas together, they are all part of the BIA - Business Improvement Areas.  So what does this mean?  A business improvement area is a self-funded Association of commercial property Owners and Tenants within a defined area commonly referred to as the Downtown or Main St who work in partnership with their Municipal Council to create thriving and safe business areas that attract shoppers, diners, tourists and new businesses.  By working collectively as a BIA for the good of the community, local businesses have both the funding and people power to actively enhance the quality of life in their local downtown in the Municipality as a whole.  Thanks to this legislative authority between Municipal Council and Business Onwers.   BIA's serve as a true public private partnership.     Essentiallty a BIA is a mechanism that encourages business people and the respective municipality in which they reside to join together in a cooperative effort to revitalize and rejuvenate their business district to make their area a better place to do business.  BIA are involved with a wide array of economic development initiatives including event planning area marketing policy and partner influencing and investing in the public realm. " 


Linda Pinizzotto is a business and building owner!    She has launched a "NEW initiative for Port Credit and our fellow Business Owners with the  message  "We need to support each other, work collaboratively 

all of the Port Credit Businesses from the EAST to the WEST and NORTH to unite and provide equal opportunity.   Port Credit has blocks of wonderful retail stores, services and restaurants from the East to the West Side of Port Credit.  Take a stroll and you will discover our  Port Credit boundary.

* Eastern Boundary - Enola Ave

* West Boundary - Shawnmarr Road 

* Just past QEW on the North


Why this Outreach Program has been established?

This Outreach Program is to help BIA Local Business Members who contribute to the BIA receive full transparency.  

The Port Credit BIA has funding of well over $1 Million Dollars from Membership, grants and other initiatives.  This funding must be used in a cooperative benefit for all Port Credit Members to influence positive directive for the benefit of all.  It is important for all BIA membership be provided with reasonable notice of ALL meetings to have an opportunity to engage and keep abreast of the PC BIA activity.  Agendas and regular Notices for Membership to keep abreast of meetings and changes in the area through Government Partners, Commercial Organizations, local Community Agencies.  The BIA Board of Directors have a mandate to represent the Membership with full inclusion.  

City of Mississauga 2020 - 2023 Business plan  

Disclosure - this map was taken from the City of Mississauga -    We are trying to locate a better one from the city. 

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