Lakeview Development in South Mississauga is Incredible

Friday Feb 05th, 2021


Incredible Mixed-Use Lakeview Development in Mississauga 

The area known as Lakeview in Mississauga borders on the east side to Etobicoke and on the west side to Port Credit.  For many years there has been little development but that is soon to change.    This project is a joint venture partnership with many of the leading Community Builders in the Province.  They include Greenpark Group, Branthaven Homes, CCI Develpment Group, Argo Development Corporation and TACC Construction Limited.   The plans to bring this southeast Mississauga Lakeview neighbourhood, Lakeview Village are notwithstanding one of the best initiatives.  The location has an established infrastructure with Go Train, Community highways in close proximity so the potential for convenience and exposure are second to none.  There is no doubt with the incentives of including retail mixed with residential, mid-high density multi family dwellings along with single family townhomes, semi-detach and detached homes are unique.   

The estimated figure at present drives an approximate amount of 20,000 new residents finding wonderful housing in the area once the development is completed.  There will be incredible architectural designs on all fronts, interior and exterior to include specific areas marked for parks and green space.  Please view these links below for more details.    Reporting by Linda Pinizzotto Real Estate Group, a Branch of Re/Max Realty Enterprises Inc. 


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