TRI-CAN, JCO, LAR Multiple companies and their Owners Charge with Conspiracy Condo Refurbishments

Sunday Oct 16th, 2022


TRI-Can, JCO LAR Multiple companies and their owners charged with conspiracy to commit fraud

The Competiton Bureau announced that they have laid multiple criminal charges against four companies and three individuals. The charges related to an alleged conspiracy to commit fraud and rig bids for condominium refurbishment services in the GTA Greater Toronto Area issued by private condominium corporatons between 2009 a nd 2014.

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As per the newswire Cision "The companies and individuals are charged under the Criminal Code with conspiracy to rig bids, conspiracy to commit fraud, and fraud over $5,000"

  • TRI-CAN Contract Incorporated and owner Bob Vlahopoulos;
  • JCO & Associates (912547 Ontario Inc.) and owner Jose De Oliveira; as well as
  • LAR Condominium Refurbishment Specialists (Lidio Romanin Construction Company Limited) and owner Tony Romanin.

Another company CPL Interiors Ltd. is also charged under the conspiracty provision of the Competition Act for its role in the alleged scheme. 

Interesting Quick Facts to note

Cracking down on cartels - Top Priority for the Competition Bureau

Immunity and Leniency Programs  - persons can seek immunity or leniency in return for cooperation

Whistleblowing Initiatives - for those who can provide info about a violation of the Competition Act

Competiton Bureau Canada - Matthew Boswell, Commissioner of Competition

Bid Rigging Video

Government of Canada Bid-rigging: detection, preventing and reporting

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