Linda Pinizzotto is the Founder President of the Condo Owners Association (COA), a volunteer Association to advocate new revised legislation to protect Condo Owners and Condominiums. She founded the Association in March 2010 and COA continues to be instrumental in working with various Ministers of Government and Consumers Services towards important changes to the Provincial Condo Act.   Please refer to the Ontario - Condo Owners Association & Condo Act Review Wikipedia link for details.  Linda Pinizzotto has been on various Expert Panels, Stakeholder groups and media outlets.  Building a Better Condo Act  Ms. Pinizzotto was knighted in a Ceremony of Investiture by the Order of St. George in 2014 as a Dame of the Order.   She has contributed invaluable information to help all Ontarians and Canadians.  

See more on various stakeholder groups below - Build a Better Condo Act

Consumers Council of Canada Intensification Study – Federal

The Consumers Council of Canada launched an examination of residential intensification’s impact on consumers. A panel of experts have been invited to review 4 key areas, review the landscape of consumers rights and responsibilities affected by intensification. This is a 1 year effort.

Ministry of Consumer Services – Condo Act Review – Provincial

The Condominium Act is under review as per the announcement of the McGuinty Government, Build a Better Condo Act – see bottom of page    The Condominium Act affects over 1.3 million Condo Owners in the Province and changes are required to ensure consumer protection.  There were 5 working groups to identify a comprehensive set of issues.  The Review continues to be underway.

Fire Marshal – Carbon Monoxide Detectors

The Ontario Legislature passed unanimously a bill (2014) to make carbon monoxide detectors mandatory in homes across the province. The private members bill would require home owners to install carbon monoxide warning devices.  MPP Ernie Hardeman, PC Oxford advocated for five years.  The bill is called the Hawkins-Gignac Act following the carbon monoxide death of four members of a Woodstock family.

Infrastructure and Storm Water Sewer Systems

The Storm Water Sewer Systems and financial report for the same were conducted by a group of Experts and Associations to work with the City of Mississauga. This intensive study recognized all areas of the city and the financial implications and recommended repairs of the future stormwater management program.

Homeowners Protection Centre on Property Management Licensing

Canada has seen substantial growth in the Condominium market and a review and update of condominium laws is needed for consumer protection. The Homeowner Protection Centre is a new non profit advocacy organization, receiving funding from Industry Canada to undertake a research relating to Condominium Manager and impact of regulation on consumers.

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